2019 Sports Collectors Digest Digital Issue No. 09, April 26

2019 Sports Collectors Digest Digital Issue No. 09, April 26

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Sports Collectors Digest, the most respected sports collectibles magazine in the hobby, keeps you informed about every aspect of sports collecting, including trading cards, memorabilia, autographs, online auctions, grading, and authentication. Each issue includes information and insight on the latest news and trends from some of the most respected experts in the hobby, as well as athlete interviews, auction coverage, stories about collectors, reviews of new releases and vintage and modern sets, offbeat collectibles, and more. 

In this issue:

- Heritage’s current auction showcases vintage collectibles spanning 150 years 

- Crossing the border for autographs: Guidelines for obtaining autographs through the mail from players in foreign countries 

- ICE Bowl once again a success: Brent Seabrook Celebrity ICE Bowl provides fun and autographs for a good cause 

- Mitch Trubisky causes a frenzy: The autograph pavilion was a popular place at the Chicago Sports Spectacular 

- These cups are for more than just drinking: Early 1970s 7-Eleven Slurpee basketball cups still catch the eyes of collectors 

- Humble beginnings: Getting its start in a one car garage, Old Hickory Bat Co. is now a top producer of bats 

- New Releases: Rookies aplenty

- Online Auctioneer: A is for Acuna

- Departments: Leading Off, Auction Coverage, Baseball Art, Industry News, Show Calendar