2021 Sports Collectors Digest Digital Issue No. 05, April 1

2021 Sports Collectors Digest Digital Issue No. 05, April 1

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Sports Collectors Digest, the most respected sports collectibles magazine in the hobby, keeps you informed about every aspect of sports collecting, including trading cards, memorabilia, autographs, online auctions, grading, and authentication. Each issue includes information and insight on the latest news and trends from some of the most respected experts in the hobby, as well as athlete interviews, auction coverage, stories about collectors, reviews of new releases and vintage and modern sets, offbeat collectibles, and more.

In this issue:

- Special Hall of Fame Issue: Legends of the Hall - all-time greats make a grand entrance

- Baseball Hall of Fame Has More Cards Than Players

- College Football Hall of Fame is an Eye-Opening Experience

- Card Prices Continue to Climb: Donic, Bryant, Brady cards set records

- Pandemic Letters From MLB Players

- Leading Off: Joe Garagiola’s Honus Wagner card fetches $2.5M

- New Releases: Topps Gypsy Queen builds on tradition

- Online Auctioneer: Collectors “spring” into action

- Departments: Auction Coverage, Baseball Art, Industry News, Obituaries, Show Calendar